Less than perfect credit? Unable to get financing?

With a Rent-to-Own program, I can help get you into the home of your dreams!

“Home Partners closed on the house within a month”

“I am so happy we came across such a wonderful program like Home Partners offers. Our home buying experience started out as a nightmare. When we tried to get a mortgage the first time around everything went wrong. It took 8 month and in the end we lost the home we picked out. Our wonderful realtor suggested Home Partners. So we gave it a try. We immediately got approved and with a better offer than before. We found an even better house and in a better location. Home Partners closed on the house within a month and we were moving in. They also did some modifications without any problems. We rented the house for a year. We fell in love with the house and bought it back from Home Partners. The people that work there are very understanding and worked with us on any issues that came up. I have recommended the program to everyone I know! Thank you Home Partners. This really was a dream come true.”

— M.P.

“Great way to determine if you picked the right home”

“We were new to the area and although we had done some research, we did not know if our community was a good fit for us. By using Home Partners' program we were able to live in a home that we would like to purchase IF we liked the community, neighbors etc. After 8 months we decided we loved our new home and neighborhood and bought it with the "Right to Purchase" feature of our lease. This was a GREAT way to determine if you have picked the right home without the obligation to purchase unless you want to! Thanks Home Partners :)”

— S.S.

“We got to shop for the house we wanted”

“This program is ingenious and was perfect for our situation. We just didn't know the exact neighborhood where we wanted to settle and we didn't have a large enough down payment (for the level of house we would want to buy) saved yet. When I found HP, I thought it was too good to be true. I am SO glad I was wrong! Getting to pick the house we would "rent" temporarily - while having the option to buy when we were ready - was wonderful! We didn't have to settle for whatever rental was on the market but got to shop for the house we wanted just as if we were buying it already. Additionally, the process with HP was super easy and the whole deal painless and fast. Again, I feel like this program was made for people in our situation and for us, it was truly a Godsend!”

— K.B.